G-Eazy - Hate The Way (Jimmy Kimmel Live!) ft. blackbear

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    Published on 3 months ago


    1. lesile barber

      Deep 🐐💪🌺✌️🦋

    2. Llla Hutgh

      Blackbear n blackface channel!!

    3. Alex Scott

      I still ship them UnU

    4. Renna Maulidiah

      bear eats his own cd for breakfast

    5. Kara Ubriaco


    6. Nate Comeau

      Social distance fake show. They sang well, but God get over covid is bs

    7. Ruby Sanchez

      🙌🔥🔥🔥 Damn!!! Love it!!

    8. Kat Johnston

      Why G dressed like my dead grandpa

    9. Rohit Sohal

      I was about to go Gym and find this song and then Hit it while I workout. Trust me It's GOD's Work

    10. Mel Mears

      Loving listening to G-Easy

    11. Juman B

      That girl who sings I hate the way the way I miss you... it sounds exactly like Halsey lol

    12. Byron Farmer


    13. MiSsAmAnDa106

      Gerald you dont even know how down for u id be.....i ai t no groupie chic I stay 100 n everything I do! I wish I had 30 mins to kick it wit you! I bet we would vibe like pb&j! Your #1 fan on the real tho 💜💙💯

    14. leeyah Naidoo

      G eazy is fine af but guys blackbear is also so cute to me!

    15. avadh patel

      Who is here after Halsey said she’s pregnant

    16. Fran TH

      Como siempre,ningún comentario en español, pero que os pasa?alguien más que este conmigo y le gusten estos temas,?si se que estáis en algún lado.

    17. Alicia Briscoe

      Love this song 🥰😘❤😍

    18. Aʟғᴀs

      I am not understanding why people are ignoring G-eazy. I feel very sad for this. G-eazy and his songs are just Amazing. He is really awesome. He has a very different and awesome style. I love his songs. But why people are ignoring him?

    19. Yuyu Bujang

      THE BEST COLLAB!! They're both legends love love

    20. Les lee

      I hate the way I always miss you. ☹

    21. Max Gorgeous

      I'm a Monk without any feelings and ultimately I believed that Gerald is the only man on universe can make me fall in love.

    22. Ashutosh Porichha

      This one is better than original

    23. Tough As Balls

      I listen to this track everyday, one of his best songs he’s ever dropped

    24. zahra ahmed

      i love this guy

    25. Unnati Saboo

      G eazy is underrated.

    26. east side

      now you can hate the way that she’s pregnant

      1. Ashutosh Porichha

        Off the medicine, goin' hella dumb My bitch got replaced when I found a better one 😎

    27. Storytelling by Noblesse


    28. milkshake ve çiğköfte


    29. Ted P

      Blackbear raises the bar on every track. Dude deserves much more credit

    30. Skrr 092

      They like sound so much like the song

    31. Masuk Lane

      Two, too cool dudes singing awesomely! Warm my ice world!🥰😍😛

    32. Michelle Fernandez

      This song hits when your loved one is an addict...

    33. elisha alexander

      I swear his said in several interviews that this song is universal and is about missing things in 2020 and the pandemic etc. But I have listened to this for months and there is just way to many things in the song that reference things to do with Halsey

    34. Sandra Gonzalez

      Nice music

    35. Benebatch Cumberdict

      Edit: G-Eazy - Hate The Way ft. blackbear with the ghost of Halsey on backing vocals

    36. Chu-Hao YEN

      I like the sound effects and the twist with the light static...

    37. LifeStyle With Khansa

      #GEazy Is Awesome!! ♥️ Luv ur songs!! ♥️ Keep Up The Great Work!! ♥️♥️

    38. S Garg

      G eazy losing breathe😲

    39. MrtBEATS


    40. Tan


    41. Kurumi Chan

      I swear to god, G's voice is so unique. Such a good collab

    42. Агапкина Анна


    43. Tatu Mize

      G-eazy cool looks.

    44. Janet Kelley

      He is the James Dean to hip hop Blowin up 👆✌️☝️

    45. del mills

      The creator is always present ,thank you father for it all..

    46. Grazi Paula

      O amor nem sempre é o suficiente.

    47. Zeph & Xavi

      this is so great, they both sound great live!!!

    48. Knot Adidas Approved Good

      Darn, my life .

    49. Md Rahmat


    50. Birdie Jeffers

      There's already been an "Ashley" & she's the OG of G-Eazy✌️Still feels like destiny took a wrong turn with G & Halsey 😒


      Still on repeat!!! 🗣

    52. Parlin simbolo Parlin simbolon

      Halsey 😭❤️

    53. Roll Call

      does anyone else notice the hidden lyrics???...

    54. Windsaint

      Hate the way I always miss you 🥰 Promise myself I would quit you 💋

    55. Duy Nguyễn Hoàng

      did you lip-sync, G-eazy :O ? j/k

    56. Alexandrina Ivanova

      If it's not abt Halsay...it's abt yourself ❣️ no matter which... it's sad how it turned around for both of you at the end!

    57. Katelyn Morrison

      wish this shit was different

    58. Sudip Limbu


    59. Ashutosh Porichha

      This is awesome ❤❤❤❤

    60. Alexis Castle

      Kurt didn’t use a pistol, good song tho.

    61. Veddi inspires

      Shout to the d-jay! This beat is classic. hard not to vibe to.

    62. Janci Schell

      Looking perfect as always boys


      It will be my most favourite song until my last breathe❤️

    64. Deborah Gorton

      Damn their even good live!!!


      Always on no limit0😍😍

    66. Hritik Rajput

      So addictive

    67. Marina Karapetovna

      I got sticked with this song 😍 Breakfast ,lunch, Dinner, good night 😌

    68. تركي البيشي

      I hate way i was miss yee i know am krazy but you sick to 👌🏽

    69. Sadra Zaki

      They sound just like the studio version 😍🔥

    70. Alpha Steele


    71. Sarah Gauthier


    72. Stephen Connors

      I feel like waaay too many people are sleeping on G. Everyone knows Me, Myself & I but this man is a lyrical genius!

    73. Gamtrix ash

      Basically i use to listening it every day , and all the fucking awesome hours days.. truly living legend G.

    74. Celina

      G and Halsey always to that mic flip xD



    76. Imani Official

      Damn G fits every look out there N his flow is👌

    77. ashley

      best duo ever

    78. Alexandrea Lowery

      Who has heard G hating on Halsey in his new "Had Enough" song? G went live on ig with his ex Devon earlier this year & then collabed Could this still be about Halsey or is it Devon Baldwin?

      1. liv g

        @Alexandrea Lowery same LMAO

      2. Alexandrea Lowery

        @liv g that made me question it too but he's been doing that alot in his performances recently. Maybe something she taught him. I'm voting for Halsey either way 😭

      3. liv g

        i’m pretty sure this song is about halsey bc he did her iconic mic flip in the beggining

    79. weeded bough

      The definition of a toxic relationship is in the lyrics of this song .

    80. OGMaui

      my guy lookin good

    81. S Lopez

      Saw this on TV, I'm glad I found it on here! 💌

    82. Arianna Midget

      If you think about it the really sad part about this song is that they still have feelings about each other and make songs about each other then say they aren’t but everyone knows they are

    83. Teona Bennett

      ❤️Love this song ❤️

    84. Pedro Henrique


    85. horse with no name

      I hate the way everyone likes dumb or copied comments

    86. BabyGirl Javis

      G-Eazy is sexy as hell damnnnnnn...💋💋💯 Beautiful song!! I'm falling in love with this song right here. I bet they smell good like candy flavor damn. G-Eazy is talented love his songs.

    87. Vania Mendez

      “Us against the universe, you already know” -G @3:02 🤔

    88. Giovanni Arteaga

      Blackbear first song i heard was Hot girl bummer i heard it and it was. A banger

    89. Saran Mariya

      2018: Halsey and G-Eazy break up 2019: Halsey releases song about him and how he was cheating 2020: G-Eazy makes a song about how much he misses an ex and that he’s sorry🤨

      1. Saran Mariya

        @Alexandrea Lowery But think about how no one really remembers how good they were together, they wait until a year after just so no one realizes what's going on.

      2. Alexandrea Lowery

        Also 2020: collabs with his ex devon baldwin after going live on insta with her earlier this year Also 2020: G-eazy came out with "Had Enough" on his new album hatin on Halsey Not looking like this is about Hals 😭

      3. lomongege434

        it takes a pandemic for him to realize it XD

    90. Caz May

      Love this song love you geazy!!

    91. Caz May


    92. Carter Shiveley

      Idk why but blackbear reminds me of travis barker a lil

    93. we rocks

      Guts 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    94. Chimdi Chira

      Can't wait for Blackbear to get G-Eazy and MGK on one song.....

    95. Jocelynn&Kaitlynn Riggs

      I just realize this one is clean but the other one is not clean😀😀

    96. Samarth Shrivastava

      Mannnn !! Black bear vocals were...... i felt it !!