G-Eazy - Still Be Friends (Audio) ft. Tory Lanez, Tyga

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    G-Eazy ft. Tory Lanez & Tyga - Still Be Friends out now!: smarturl.it/StillBeFriends
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    Published on Year ago


    1. destiny brown

      I love all his songs ♥️♥️♥️♥️💯💯💯

    2. Alanna Gambetta

      I thought post maloon was in this song

    3. Justin Greenlee


    4. Arian Parker

      What does this have to do with the multiple versions of the song!!?? I enjoy the multiple versions of songs with "Can We Still Be Friends". Don't call it that and your music not have a thing to do with it, the rape versions and all be trash. I love rap, but this is a good reason I'm not lessons now. Be original and be positive. This is the shit in rap today. hoes is a thing. Do you want a bitches and hoes.? If you want them? If so don't be surprised if you have one raise your son or daughter.

    5. BlackoutStudios

      When a girl gives you a pen

    6. Aiidan

      Producer: Do you want the beat to sound lik- Tyga: yes

    7. Mario Cukusic

      Id buy that condoms ngl

    8. علي كريم


    9. jorge Martinez

      When tyga said I can pulll a bitch that’s automatic I guess Kylie Jenner is a manual lol

    10. account


    11. J Always Fresh

      " You boyfriends whole salary is my hourly" 🔥

    12. Eric Cook

      Tyga and tory need to work together more

    13. cole larsen

      3020 🔥🔥🔥

    14. Amar Radhe Jaiswal

      “I got a girl and my girl got a girl too” so G eazy has 2 girls

    15. cole larsen

      Quarentine December 2020 🔥🔥🔥


      G-Eazy broke up with his girlfriend bcs he cheated on her ,but they can still be friends.

    17. The Real Nelly


    18. Nickolai Uy


    19. fan mtz

      Got a girl my girl got a girl to Yee

    20. 10518김성언


    21. cole larsen

      2021 🔥🔥🔥

      1. Super Channel


    22. Paula Martin

      I know you don't do one night stands So I'm the closest thing Now can we fuck and still be friends, though? And if you haven't fucked a friend (I'm just sayin') I'd be the closest thing (haha, I, I'd be the closest thing) So can we fuck and still be friends, though? You know? Bitch, you can't be my girlfriend I got a girl, and my girl got a girl too (too) Scarface crib, it's my world too, uh (it's my world too) My pillow recognize her perfume Tell her man, "Relax, " she'll make it home by curfew (haha) Tom Ford cologne (oh), I look like I'm on (ay) Playboy Mansion, "Honey, I'm home" (honey I'm home) Backdoor to Oracle, fuck it I'm home (woo) King of the Bay, getting dome on my throne, uh Dime and in the rough, uncut gyms She not my girlfriend though, we just friends (just friends) Somehow I fit six, all in one Benz (one Benz) All of us fuck buddies, all fuck friends Lookin' like a snack, she'll devour me (ay) Your boyfriend's whole salary's my hourly (haha) Throwin' bands in Miami, it's showerin' (it's showerin') Bad boy, I'm the white Mike Lowrey (haha, yee) I know you don't do one night stands So I'm the closest thing (I'm the closest thing, baby) Now, can we fuck and still be friends, though? (Can we fuck and still be friends, you know?) And if you haven't fucked a friend, I'd be the closest thing (haha) So can we fuck and still be friends, though? (I'm just sayin', yee) Yeah, T-Raww I can pull any bitch, man, it's automatic Pussy, money, alcohol, I'm a big fanatic And my diamonds OD, so dramatic (big) Like I'm Adam Sandler, she call me "Big Daddy" (yeah) I'm insane in the brain, what you know 'bout it? (Ay) I got shawty and her friend, waitin' in the lobby (yes) Loggin' in my account, that's my favorite hobby (yes) I like a new bitch, with a new body (ah) Bad bitch, I need all that (all that) Here's my number, you can call that (call that) Tell your nigga he can fall back (fall back) I'm wanna make you mine, wanna my own at (own at) Go shawty, it's your birthday (birthday) Simon says, "Do what I say" (I say) Drink it up, I know you're thirsty (thirsty) She said, "Baby make it hard, but don't hurt me, " ay I know you don't do one night stands So I'm the closest thing Now can we fuck and still be friends, though? And if you haven't fucked a friend I'd be the closest thing So can we fuck and still be friends, though? Lil' mama thirsty, I said thirsty Shawty, they ain't fuckin' with you on your worst day And she cut a nigga off, give 'em first-aid How the hell she fit the gym and a work day? I got wristwatch I got big Glocks I got bunch of pretty bitches tryna liplock See the Rollie on my wrist, and it don't tick-tock If you nasty when I fuck you, let my bitch watch I said, "Right cheek, " I said, "Left cheek" Hit it so good, you gon' feel it next week When I kill the pussy they gon' arrest me I be lookin' at it like, "Don't test me" Shake that ass on a nigga like, duh duh duh I be all up in the pussy 'til there's none left there In the nighttime, 'til the sun up, yeah No pun intended, shawty you a come up, yeah, ay I know you don't do one night stands So I'm the closest thing Now can we fuck and still be friends, though? And if you haven't fucked a friend I'd be the closest thing So can we fuck and still be friends, though?

    23. Jopopanation

      Is this not the fucking theme ?

    24. Matthew Clarke


    25. Turki Nasser


    26. Karina Romero

      I play this song every day before I go work

    27. Alexis Kip

      How come I’m just hearing this 😑 this shits 🔥 🥵

    28. KanoaHD


    29. faze MooMo

      this should be Tory lanez song bc he sings the most in it

    30. Archana S

      i came here after that one korra edit

    31. Dean Tucker

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    32. Wallace Alves

      Alguém do Brasil ouvindo esse som pesado?

    33. Black Sento

      So lit 🔥 all bro

    34. Poorvisha Vasanth

      Can't believe my v a pranked someone with this 😂

    35. strxpt x

      Honey I’m home 🤔

    36. reagan sites

      Easy to the store and get the update I have a few of my desk at work for you and you later if I have a chance please send a great time

    37. The Yung Apollo

      Is it just me... or does Tory Lanes sound ALOT like Post Malone on this..?

    38. kiyah cole

      he will make a cute couple with mylie cirus

    39. slerb - if you dont like me i will be sad

      1:22 thank me later

    40. Joanna Zamfir


    41. estelle chambers

      But where tf was summer 😭

    42. Apple Crumpies22

      Lol at least we know he is safe sex on his mind. 😭👌😜

    43. Natural history

      not allowed in my fucking life

    44. bio cheem

      Sounds like dip by tyga a lil bit tho

    45. Mikayla Stok

      2:48 is litterally my favorite part and Idek whyyy😂😂

    46. mochi


    47. Jackson Johsn

      This gives me lil pump “i love it” vibes

    48. Yary Alfaro

      Deux lets? ♥️♥️

    49. bigwilly rich


    50. Ashutosh Porichha

      2:14 , plzz girls take this serious

    51. nevu

      2:14 yes dont mind me. just a replay botton ;)

    52. Pradyumn

      Still be friends

    53. 리출지옹

      비비 콘돔

    54. Daris Sarajlic

      didnt even look at the names to know that tyga takes part in this song because of that beat🙃

    55. Mᴀʀᴄᴏs Aᴠᴀʟᴏs

      Like si viniste de parte de Robleis

    56. lucifer

      this song its so mush better whin you ignore tyga rap

    57. Alexandra Hillová

      A moment of silence, for all the people still trying to find this song..

    58. Nathanael Pramono

      ajg kondom

    59. Kenny TG

      Tory Lanez verse was 💯 can't believe I underestimated him

    60. I SEE YOU

      Who’s here after watching the new NELK BOYS VIDEO

    61. Tyler Le

      Who is here from the NELK?

    62. Julio Munoz

      Who’s here from Nelk? 906

    63. Dominic Garcia

      Where is @TrevrichHD credit ON THIS TRACK?

    64. Liam

      "Play boy mansion, honey im home" Legendary💯🐐🔥

    65. Soggynipz

      I came from the NELK video and I’m really disappointed that it took me this long to find this song

      1. Soggynipz

        Raamiz Salim〥 the “906” vid

      2. Raamiz Salim〥

        which vid?

    66. Raider IO

      does tory lanez took the chorus and last verse? if it is, he is legit as f

    67. John Christain


    68. Absent Xotic

      Nelk Brought me here 😂

    69. Praise King Edd

      We are all going to come back to this song

    70. Nikky yo

      I listen to this song way to much 😂😂😂 every damn day on repeat 😍😍

    71. LuL The2nd

      My teacher asked whats my favorite rapper and i said Tory Lanez and Somehow she said that’s inappropriate like lmao

    72. Hrvoje Dujmović

      2:18 - 2:55 is the best part, change my mind...


      Sounds exactly "I Love It" by lil pump an ye? Jus me ight

    74. Ebrahim Abbas

      I love this song but the time it came out was so bad

    75. Rare Clean Version

      Still be friends (clean edit) - amended usfilm.info/fire/i5ComHyAptt3sb4/video.html

    76. bilal sheik

      Been crazy g eazy 💥🔥 still be friends 🤙😍 💚 High hitt track..

    77. 7wlez

      كانه سكر ستاربكس ذاك البني

    78. 7wlez

      كم مهرك ابي اتزوجك وتغني لي او تنزل دس اي شيء اه

    79. 7wlez

      امزح خلاص 🤝🤝

    80. 7wlez

      وانتي سميه كليزق بسببك انتي بعد

    81. 7wlez

      كله منك لورا

    82. 7wlez

      ابك هذه يسب

    83. 7wlez

      اوف حلوه مره

    84. Juice Company

      Tory smoked Tyga and G-Easy

    85. Mike AZSkywatcher

      In 2014 dude asked me if i heard of GEazy and I'm like you mean Eazy-E? Nope....

    86. Rickden Lama

      Tory Lanez killed it🙌🔥

    87. Dx9er

      fucking fire

    88. Kally

      Is this condom?

    89. Taylor Brown

      Same I listen all day whilst playing games

    90. Pinoq

      this should be mashed up with I Love It


      fvrt kareoke song

    92. Army 127

      That’s way it’s the condom, cause the condom is the only solution to be friends!😏

    93. Jason Chyea

      Dudes kinda like g eazy check him out usfilm.info/fire/bdejbWOCqrqblsw/video.html

    94. Alexandra Eida

      Heard it in my gym-can‘t stop hearing it anymore 💥

    95. KID JUST

      My Spanish versions on my chanel lookin

    96. N1ckol

      Tory's part is firee

    97. Ivan Meheš

      I feel kinda awkward going to Pornhub just to type Tyga in the search...

    98. Hunter Sebastian

      Freaking great azz song