G-Eazy - Back To What You Knew (Audio)

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    Published on 8 months ago


    1. Khattabi Fadila

      I Guess that's why they Say love hurt you said what's mean love without no pain no suffer

    2. Khattabi Fadila

      You sais you went right back what you knew or she said And what is the thing that back to

    3. Moe G

      Ooh I love G Eazy's Lana Del Rey album!


      I'm really loving this softer side of you!!💋❤

    5. Safia Khatabi

      "I guess that why they say love hurt" man you Saïd that "What is love without no pain no suffer

    6. Safia Khatabi

      She Said you went right back what you knew or you did and if she do what is thé thing she went right back to

    7. Sylvia

      🤗 this song makes me happy I love this song ❤️♥️ ❤️💙💙❤️

    8. Siya Sharma

      This is underrated song!😭😌😌

    9. Kindly Help me Reach 16k Subs with videos

      "People say G-Eazy has only american fans" Like if you are not American 🔰.

    10. DANNY D

      G Eazy 🔥

    11. Astronomical

      i dont fw g-eazy like that but this song is the most chillest,waking up 5 am in the morning doing school work or playing video games is the best vibe you can ever have

    12. Matthew Mencer

      Loving all the music man. Listened to each song probably a dozen times.

    13. erving Roque

      You can feel his pain...

    14. Eric Buttice

      Sounds like a lot of depression . Now that everyone is locked down he can't party like he used to. His mind is full of bad thoughts. He's projecting his problems as if someone fucked him over along with battling himself for passed regrets.

    15. Miles Away

      It's good to see artists evolve and not stay stuck on a one way street of the same genre but I will forever love the raps 👌

    16. i love music

      bathroom taking a crap vibes 🚽💩💩💩😂

    17. Lisa Marple

      Wow! This new sound is so good. At first I wasn't sure but like 10 seconds later it had me lol Love it!

    18. kai dragon

      I appreciate g so much for this song

    19. Cestra Beats

      fave of the project, toooo good

    20. Brandon Disesa

      Rapping is obviously your strong point let's leave this to usher

    21. Nicole Taylor

      I just seen something from utub and off Google saying how this album did do good I Love this album was not liking what they were saying about my man G eazy

    22. Destination DeRo

      Nice song and share

    23. You'll find me everywhere

      I fuckin love this so much. I’m love the new style of the whole album

    24. Sitting Sideways

      What the hell happened to the rest of this album!... that really pisses me off yt.

    25. Barbara Bertine

      This song 😩

    26. Yomir Langsolf


    27. Dyna Mite

      🖤🥀 I know you see this.

    28. Heather Laine

      Fuck, this song cuts me deep every time I hear it, 💔.

    29. XxWillScarletSoundxX

      Yeah, can confirm this is uhhh NOT GOOD *BOOM!* 😂

    30. Aileen diane

      This song goes deep. Coming out of a toxic relationship for years ..

    31. Ravan Gadirli

      Damn,cant stop listening

    32. Kaylie Balderas

      Did anybody else hear a sniffle or was that just me?🥺

    33. Amna Sameer

      Hits different after a breakup 😷

    34. Lăcrămioara Budurescu

      I felt the pain in His voice.... .... ....

    35. Berenice H

      I love your music 🎶

    36. Ryan

      who broke Gerald

    37. The Vlogineer

      "But that sh*t isn't how love works I guess that's why they say love hurts In pain and I ain't felt nothin' worse Nothin' worse, yeah" Aww G

    38. genieus z

      When he stopped playing with strippers, everyone loosen interest in him. Sad

      1. Travel And Shred

        Not the people that been with him since the start

      2. Miles Away

        Catch corona from this strippers my guy

      3. Hunter Thorpe

        Hes trying something new

      4. Faith

        Not the real fans!

    39. KingDaBruh

      This G eazy's voice is totally new for me

    40. IT I*AM


    41. MS

      I think this song about devon

    42. Emiel Bruijsten


    43. MakeAmerica GreatAgain

      I really hope I get meet you one day man. You are a beast! I’ve listened to every song you ever dropped. Keep dropping them bars !

    44. 9D. MØŻŻØÑ3ŻƎ 412Music


    45. Punk I Am

      Somebody call this man, he's one mixtape away from an overdose

    46. Thiago Thunder

      Nossa cade aquele g eazy que eu amava...agora só canta musica assim meia chata😱

    47. cavelvlan25

      Sober you is drunk you. With a conscience. Embrace the monster.

    48. Doruk Çoban

      one of the besties of this album

    49. Austin Grover

      Hits different when your going through a breakup.💔

    50. Suryansh

      this man never dissappoints like if agree!!

    51. Dylan Pratt


    52. Matias Espinoza

      When a featuring with Iggy Azalea?

    53. wrightterence680


    54. Domquaska

      Him&I: But, what the fuck is love with no pain, no suffer Intense, this shit, it gets dense She knows when I’m out of it like she could just sense. : Would just go away, would just go away, yeah But that shit isn't how love works I guess that's why they say love hurts

    55. fama

      Hi i dont mean to be rude but everyone is organized to do a special thing, some pple can rap , some can sing ..://///i was waiting for rap song and this was a wet blanket

      1. Ravan Gadirli

        He's an artist.This song shows he's versatile,not like other artist who only makes same music

      2. Asal messi

        And some can do both...

    56. Innocent Spectator

      Who else thinks that this music is underrated and underappreciated?

    57. lesile barber

      Deep ✌🏻

    58. Levi Somody

      G im crying my fkin eyes out this is so trueee this is what i feel man i love you so much and thank you for your support

    59. Vengeful8 Gaming

      Damn Gerald you made me a believer again you stepped it down from mainstream and shinned with your talents 🔥

    60. Chris nik

      crazy switch in style but I'm loving it

    61. Luigi Miguel

      man this is so deep wtf. didnt know this part of me. my brudda really built a masterpiece

    62. Halis E. Dönmez

      Arctic Monkeys, Amy Winehouse, lots of good vibes in this one.. My personal favorite from G-Eazy.

    63. Brennon Godfrey

      I should really stop listening but Eazy is too good.

    64. Haley Makenna

      OBSESSED with this one💕

    65. The Negro Curious George

      I felt the pain in his voice when he said "when you went right back to what you knew"

    66. Drexel Beckman

      How much acid is he doing?

    67. Busting Yewls


    68. Jatin rai

      G EAZY🔥🔥🔥❤🔥❤🔥❤🔥❤🔥❤🔥❤🔥❤🔥❤🔥❤❤🔥❤🔥❤🔥❤❤🔥❤🔥❤🔥❤❤🔥❤🔥❤🔥❤🔥❤🔥❤🔥❤🔥❤🔥❤🔥❤🔥❤🔥❤🔥❤🔥❤🔥❤😁❤😁❤😁❤

    69. Tagliatore

      *Most of you don't want success as much as you want to sleep 😌*

    70. Thanos Karavangelis

      Random fact: This could easily be a background song in a Peaky Blinders scene that Tommy goes crazy drinking whiskey breaking glasses.

      1. Innocent Spectator

        @Cody John there are suppose to be two more seasons. Ending with first air raid siren in Birmingham hence begining of the WW2.

      2. Innocent Spectator

        I agree, this could be in the show.... That guitar at the begining gives it the vintage vibe of the show. I could work. As would Leviathan work for Lucifer.

      3. Laura Lakely

        not random fact...that's Gerald on any given day

      4. Anna Glover


      5. Daniella Perez

        A peaky blinders AND GEazy fan where r u let's be friends!

    71. Bo Morgan

      what's this sample!!?? the into part???

    72. Hope queen33

      THEY call me a master

    73. Narry

      Gerald is appearing and we should be happy

    74. Antonio Cerrillo


    75. Tina Wilson

      I keep hearing his songs and everyone is better

    76. Ahmetcan Kahraman


    77. Pablo Flores

      this song goes super watching a sunset ...

    78. Jake maurice129

      All of the new music is going straight in the playlist

    79. Tannis Chantel

      My heart :’))) ❤️

    80. Aidan Fraser

      When you are at the level he is at it is really easy to make mundane copy and paste crowd pleasers that are made for the radio, this makes me respect him so much more as an artist, truly going out on a limb to make the music he wants to make

    81. C. Sous Ecstasy

      After Manic, it's Gerald's time to speak about the break-up.

      1. Jeff Nax

        @Sula fa most of the album was about him

      2. Sula fa

        not all of manic was about him

    82. Miro

      this is trash make songs like moana

    83. david chizi

      I wonder if all is well with g eazy

    84. Saint Zacevich

      The Neighbourhood vibes.

    85. Reanna Almendarez

      Old g . Really hitting home rn

    86. Red Langley02

      🏔️🏔️☕"Fire walk with me."☕🏔️🏔️

      1. Halis E. Dönmez

        twin peaks? why

    87. Trinidad Sanchez

      This is my favorite song off this album. 🙌❤️

    88. Thug9 MUSIC

      Thug9music check it an subscriber now

    89. Jessica Leon

      You call me a monster but this is what you turned me into..... felt that.....😔

    90. jayy Garcia

      The way the beat drops 👌🔥

    91. Mackenzie Hollister

      Fire all the way 🤟🏻

    92. Agent Smith

      Aww man wtf y ant his boys told him this shit ain't live in fact its whack as fuck as is the woolly jumpers.Leather Jacket hear slicked spitting pure fire is y I jumped on this train all thm years ago.

    93. Holly Kins

      G-Eazy is like that teen kid that gave no fucks bout life but grew up & got tired, so he grew up.

    94. Coco Rivera

      She went right back to hoing

      1. Christopher Ramirez


    95. Ashley Cole

      I love you Gerald ❤️💓

    96. Andrea Sáránszkiné Rónay

      It's so Lil Peep-style, I think it's

    97. Liyah & Life

      this in my top five fav on the albums. you can really hear his hurt. he seems emotionally exhausted 💚💚💚

    98. Furkan Keskin

      ''You called me monster, but this is what you turned me into.'' damn, Halsey... Before you attack my boy G with couple o' verses, expect him to contra with an album.

      1. Anna Sara

        @Salma Amr He did

      2. Salma Amr

        didn't he cheat on her like multiple times lmaoo?? or am i like missing sth? cuz if he did then he has no room to talk lmao it's his fault

      3. C. Sous Ecstasy

        His reply after Maniac.

    99. G Channel

      45 dislikes ... they probably thought dislikes meant diss-i-like

    100. Coming Up Next

      LYRICS----- I know, these are all the things you do, yeah You call me a monster, but this is what you turned me into When you went right back to what you knew You went right back to what you knew, yeah Before me it's who? When you made my worst fear come true When you went right back to what you knew When you went right back to what you knew [Verse 1] I think we might be over this time, yeah I thought that we was over last time, yeah At least could you be sober this time? So we can maybe finally find some closure this time You really fucked me over this time Well I guess at least we can close it, this time Thought that it would work 'cause we was older this time Hmm, hmm You really fucked me over this time I mean guess we can close it, this time At least we can close it, this time CLICK HERE FOR FULL LYRICS----- raboninco.com/18Qg8