G-Eazy - Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime (Visualizer)

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    Published on 8 months ago


    1. Buket

      Düştük yine

    2. Cameron Menzies

      I read this version is the reason Beck's masterpiece take on this song by The Korgis can no longer found on streaming platforms. This version lacks the depth and colour of Beck's. Also it's a little frustrating that the piano and guitar aren't even in time with eachother here.

    3. m khodadost


    4. Julio Menezes de Sá

      Please, why don't you just listen to the Beck version? You destroyed a beautiful song and coincidentally Beck version is not available on iTunes anymore.

    5. Sam pyjam Sam pyjam

      je ne suis pas mort

    6. Brendan Mosher

      I get that this album is different and has a smaller audience maybe but honestly this album is amazing. He nailed it. Just what some people need

    7. JC76 _

      *As a Jurassic enthusiast of the original EGTLS version by The Korgis, I would never imagine, not even in my wildest dreams, that I would LOVE this G-Eazy version so much. I'm infatuated, really.*

    8. Brett Degroot


    9. Storytelling by Noblesse


    10. Anna Lopez


    11. Kelly’s Magical Realm

      I’ve always loved this song since I heard it in the movie eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, your version is unique and I like this style!

    12. Hippie Soul

      This is OP

    13. I AM


    14. Ed_Will_Ed

      Beck version is better lol

    15. Martha

      Who's here because of "Druck"?😊

      1. linkinparkfanish

        Du bist fake !

      2. Duyên Nguyễn

        Fatou and Kieu Myyy

      3. Its Miri

        Me but omg fatou deserved so much better :(

      4. irgendjemand 31




    16. Ella

      My poor fatou 🥺🥺

    17. meli77777

      Druck huh?

      1. L Bo

        @meli77777 ah nice! thanks for taking the time to fill me in ;)

      2. meli77777

        @L Bo German Coming-of-Age series on youtube. This song was part of the soundtrack... Look it up if you want. Its good and it has subtitles.

      3. L Bo

        I'm lost

      4. Saskia Meyer

        Yeah 😂

    18. anonymous

      there's something about that little glass-clank in the background... sounds like a waitress taking away plates at a diner or something... it's so... EVOCATIVE... so UNEXPECTED. i'm so... FIXATED on the decision to include that little clank. it's so... MESMERIZING. WHY, mister eazy? WHY the glass clank?

    19. kimcruz

      this is such a vibe

      1. HateXII


    20. CoPeT

      yea like how to rap

    21. Total Buzzkill

      I'm just really glad that Beck is defiantly making some nice coin in the background.

    22. anon anon

      This is the first song I’ve ever heard of his and I loveeeee it🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽🖤🖤🖤🖤

    23. Nicky O'Connell

      I respect the fact that he’s experimenting, but the original is better

    24. Ian Lambert

      Just listen to Beck's version, this sucks LOL

      1. Friedrich Freymann


    25. DFEKT Official

      Your boy went from G-Easy to Easy-G

    26. Lawng Cawk

      More views than sales

    27. Vivian Griccel Palomar Romero

      The song of My death. Bye bye world...

    28. Isabella Tuttle

      Love this !! So raw ❤️

    29. Vu Thu

      Iya ya Allah.

    30. Diago Paul


    31. Buddy Buds

      Who’s voice is that at the beginning?

    32. Dracarys Blaise

      I didnt realize that this song is a Beck cover until I watched "Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind" for her first time today. He did a couple covers on this album.

    33. Eric Huston

      The Korgis....

    34. John Harold William Mitchell II

      idk what it is but this song and the majority of this album just makes me feel uneasy .. like i wanna cry, kinda ? it brings out this feeling of just pure grit and almost depression. and i'm not at all depressed ! kind of a bit of fear as well. kinda like suicide music. does anybody else get this feeling too when listening or is it just me ?

    35. Abi Baker

      This is insane. My dad was (and still is) a member of the Korgis. I have just been looking up his music and I am astonished that it is still appreciated by people. Even as big as G-Eazy and Ronaldo! What a story for me to tell, I am so proud.


      Everybody change 💫

    37. Cichaa

      imo beck is still better

    38. Mr MD

      Omfg this song is amazing! Thank you G Easy beck is incredible 😍

    39. myMind

      This saved me from a bad trip some months ago I apreciate it

    40. Buket

      Lan Türkiye'ye gel

      1. Enes Sezer


    41. Nicole Wagner

      so good. didn't expect so much depth in him

    42. Nel Reye

      True Emperor! ❤❤❤❤

    43. Wanda Mccloud

      🔥💯⛸🔥♈E it💯🔥 💥💯💯Awesome💯💯💥 💥🔥💯💯2020💯💯🔥💥

    44. Kat Hingle

      This is fire!!

    45. T C

      Could this dude be any more pretentious? This is what passes fpr talent these days? Man, I can sing better outta my ass. Not to mention this version pales in comparison to Beck's. Gotta call 'em like I hear 'em.

    46. Makayla Chalfant

      I’ve been up watching these new videos and songs of his and I feel we are finally getting the chance to connect with him. He’s so raw right now❤️

    47. Larya Dixon

      People get confused when they ask me who im listening to and I say Garold instead G-eazy if you know the difference your probably a fan

    48. Jason wood

      Love the piano my man 🔥

    49. Kingston Boone

      I think the biggest problem with people is they just willingly throw out their morals. Think for a minute. We say music doesn't affect us but the most popular stuff we listen to is sex money and drugs content. What is more than half the worlds mindset nowadays? Exactly those 3 things. Aaaaalll because "it's fire. It sounds good." What you surround yourself with, you manifest. Everyone says and claims to believe that philosophy but I dont think they truly understand the depth of it. We are always listening to music if we're honest. I know I am. And if all we're taking in are these toxic traits, it's no wonder our world is in shambles. Marriages dying, suicides skyrocketing cuz nobody wants to show emotions cuz it's 'weakness', families divided, etc. If we cant realize this, we'll fall to our death too. Stop feeding yourself nonsense. Thank you G for something different.

    50. Kumar Prakhar

      This is so addictive after you have listened it 3-4 times😵😍👌🏽

    51. Jomar Basacla

      To be honest his songs is stunning and so underrated love gerald❤️

    52. Shelley

      My Birthday ♊️. Our memories can’t be forgotten and sometimes they teach us something and sometimes they’re just painful.

    53. YZAL

      This style has really grew on me from him nice

    54. Bruno Amarantes

      O cara manda tão bem no rap e agora ele canta essas músicas bosta.

    55. Ant S

      This is PURE GOLD

    56. Дмитрий Dmitry

      он талантлив

    57. robinson m

      Is this original content or is he just doing covers now? I was made aware Lazarus was a Bowie original so I can't help but speculate if he is going down this road going forward. I do like his version though, not saying is better but I personally enjoy it. shows his not just a rapper, he can also venture into the singing avenue.

    58. Loy Ruiz

      Beck's version is better.

    59. Rosa

      THIS is the G I love🖤🖤🖤

    60. Av


    61. Carla Marlene

      I bet he dreams he and halsey had eternal sunshine in their spotless minds

    62. IGotGrapes09

      so true.

    63. B Stew

      I love how he's expressing his true self in this album, he poured his heart and emotions into it which makes it really good imo. I lowkey hope he's doing okay tho 🙏

    64. CooperTime

      This is like the 1000th cover of this song (originally by the Korgis). Of these covers, this is about 40th percentile.

    65. Elisa Estrada

      Originally by the Korgis, made famous by Beck, and remastered beautifully by G 💜

    66. Ryan Yan

      not bad I love him

    67. Skinny Mate

      You doing your vocals in this is raw and real- vulnerability is tough. 🐐

    68. fuck the world

      play this at my funeral...

    69. fuck the world

      play this at my funeral..

    70. Виктория IT

      Everybody"s gotta learn sometime..!) And I need your lovin" Like the sunshine

    71. Blue_Waves Waves_Blue

      Okay....but can someone explain to me who tf is Mr Gerald ??????????

    72. Lucas T

      No wonder sound familiar. I heard it in eternal sunshine of the spotless mind ending.

    73. Deborah Stewart

      different from what u are known for but its an amazing good different. indeed you are a talented artist.

    74. Stacy Xcv

      Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Favorite movie, love this!!! 💛

    75. Aysel Ceferova


    76. Geo Cucuta

      I don't usually like G Eazy but this is a sick ass cover

    77. Lucky


    78. unusualGuy

      yous all know this is a cover right?

    79. Alles Im Lot

      gut digger gut!

    80. tenzin dorjee


    81. The Ward

      This is not the g easy I know this shit is horrid...

    82. Capricorn7


    83. GODSPEED

      This is my favorite album from him now

    84. Aly W

      Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 💯

    85. Guianne Angsanto

      Viewfinder? Anyone?

    86. SMOLDS

      He didn’t even write this song. Original is by beck.

      1. Crueltyfree Makeup Heaven

        Yesss, indeed. Love that song, but this version too 💥

    87. Just A Savage

      I was night driving hitting weed listenin to this and i gotta say it teared me for past reasons

    88. Martí Crous

      I hate that so many people don't know this ain't his song.

    89. Desainfeed-Mu

      Michele Morrone brought me here

    90. Sheila Wilder

      lovn it!!

    91. Davide Cominazzini

      G, no homo but i fucking love you, this shit is great. Good luck with everything

    92. Universal Digi

      Wow! I just listened to this song earlier before ever knowing he re wrote his on version of this song! Strange how the world works!

    93. J Cartoni of Psycheward ent.

      white rappers try to transition from rap to pop like disney characters shits kinda weird

    94. Cayla DeLorenzo

      Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind❤️

    95. LethalFierce04

      It’s funny how many ppl don’t know this is a cover of an original song lmao

    96. keep my mind preoccupied

      I like the original version of the song by beck, better.

      1. keep my mind preoccupied

        @Umbrella Man i dont like korgis version though so i consider becks as the origial.

      2. Umbrella Man

        you mean The Korgis ... they released Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime in 1980

    97. G

      As g eazy said in a show that , Gereld is da one who cleans up , the mess By G eazy ,, as now he have changed, into Gerald , And #halsey plz listen to him HE NEED YOUR LOVING 😔

    98. lovetina2010


    99. Maria Imedio

      Q pasadaaaa...


      Please upload more such songs