G-Eazy - A Little More (Audio) ft. Kiana Ledé

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    G-Eazy “A Little More” feat. Kiana Ledé
    Out Now: smarturl.it/ALMxG

    Listen to G-Eazy’s “Provide” feat. Chris Brown & Mark Morrison and watch its official music video here: smarturl.it/GxProvide

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    Published on 21 day ago


    1. Seweon Mcgarrell

      This song deserves a music video. Make it happen 🙏


      u cheater

    3. Mihajlo Ostojic

      Nah man,i mean it was something,make more songs like that fam

    4. Usman Khokhar

      Love from pakistan🇵🇰♥

    5. Amir Zarqam

      Guys... Don't worry about your haters. Even after making a masterpiece like this, there are at least 244 people who dislike you :)

    6. moomoomoomoo .moomoomoo

      shes cute

    7. Rhaemy Reyes


    8. Shade Will

      legendary song. the beats are amazing.

    9. Giulia Radu

      Not even a million?

    10. Joe Sheppard

      I thought he was talking about his mum until he said "slide in from the back". 😅

    11. Jo_CLuis

      This is fuego 🔥 💥 💣

    12. Daniela Leon


    13. Rocket Bunny

      i know this is good song since the first 5 seconds

    14. Hossain Uddin

      Those hi-hats are very annoying..

    15. Aaryan Gupta

      I am addicted to this

    16. Peter Jackson

      My valentine in this 14th

    17. vinola bikunda

      I absolutely love this song

    18. Tessa Tipton

      I'm sure have so much excitement in my voice. Thank you so much

    19. Suneek Anthony

      That's the young gerald 🖤🖤🖤

    20. the queen

      And another good track 👍

    21. paris matthews

      What a song 🥰

    22. Brittany Jheanelle

      Is it just me getting Busta Rhymes, Mariah Carey - I Know What You Want vibes or???😩

    23. Christina Harrell


    24. احلام عبده

      wow I loved this song

    25. Ryan Willis

      Its the first of the month

    26. Marcelo Bueno


    27. Beau Jenks

      As long as you stop saying rari, I might listen to you again, ty, also young gerald.

    28. marios kioutoutskas

      man this is fire

    29. Solomon Mohlala

      G-Eazy always been my nigga through and through

    30. b en

      This gets me through shit in life keep making more, keep up the good work

    31. Larx

      Love it

    32. Christiphor Groden


    33. Klingo Klingon

      Halo Collectiv 😎

    34. Ashutosh Porichha

      G-Eazy ❤❤

    35. JD Mario

      G-Eazy(2011): I guess cause I don't drive in a Lexus You prefer the guy who would buy a necklace. -Netflix G-Eazy(2021): Put these diamonds all over you, drippin' like its Dasani I'm buyin' dresses for you, I bought a necklace for you. -A little more

      1. JD Mario

        Now you are the one who would buy a necklace G

    36. Luke Litterio

      Back to the roots you gotta want it. Grow don't fold bro. More of this

    37. Mikhael Avi Giron

      2021 version of 21 Questions very 50 Cent inspired! Love it!

    38. Ivaylo Iontchev

      I like the vibe of this track.

    39. Laura White

      Goodbye no

    40. Felicia Logan

      When G-Eazy realizes he fucked up 😂

    41. Drive Atlanta

      Culture Vulture

    42. vislar966

      music is fire

    43. Erica b.

      Took me back to the common song with that tika ta...

    44. ankur ratnesh singh patel

      Love from India for G-Eazy

    45. humayun khan

      Need video for that G 🔥🔥🔥

    46. humayun khan

      🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 classic

    47. Aziz Jarman

      Damn G-Eazy you nailed it like there is no tomorrow 🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯 Amazing + Genius song

    48. natalie Pettingill

      Love the song

    49. tori foxx

      These two making a song is like a dream!


      Early 2000 vibe

    51. Zain Mosam


    52. Zain Mosam

      Way/oui/whe(re||n) young Gerald (conditioned to be as chairHold)

    53. Eden Marickson

      g-eazy is like a Pimp who raps about pimping

    54. oxo 9

      8smile is the best upcoming rapper

    55. Carnival Cruz

      His music sucks now compared to before. #Trash

    56. Nihala K

      Why I'm obsessed 🥺

    57. Kyrmen M Anthony

      This is so fresh. And there's no cussing..

    58. ประครอง ภูปานทอง

      I love you ดาราคุณวุ้นเส้นค่ะ

    59. Rayne O'Neill

      G-eazy on blast while a long drive after work is such a mood

    60. Danyal Salim

      3 releases in a row!!! Bro u just killin' it !!!

    61. Will James

      Seem like tommy from power ...or is him?

    62. Jim Boy

      Been playin this in my car for almost 3 days already.

    63. Smoothie Tbagginz

      G-Easy looking the 5th member of Color Me Badd . (Look it up)

    64. PQP Morays

      usfilm.info/fire/jaeEo6eHsNBjzcw/video.html TOMA

    65. Katherine N.G.

      Kiana is a whole different vibe alone. Go girl!

    66. TONY 913

      How does this song is not even 1 mil?

    67. carlos erick

      Good music 😎❤️

    68. Scarlet Harmison

      G-Eazy goes so hard on this, never disappointed. If u want to boost your Instagram account so *Igrocket* is the best way to get Instagram followers likes and get fame. Thumbs up who agrees with me

    69. sumedh wankhede

      This song demands a video ♥️♥️🔥🔥

    70. LUA

      BR cade?

    71. 4K-AMDIDRY TV


    72. 4K-AMDIDRY TV

      this track is really burning like fire

    73. SHNECK

      G-Eazy fell off.

    74. Mooseknuckle

      Wow I didn't know producers still made vibe beats like this these days. Sounds very early 2000s 👀

    75. diba dasar

      Definitely for halsey

    76. Misheel G


    77. Ruby C.

      I was giving up on G Eazy, but whoa this slaps 🔥🔥🔥

    78. Matheus feitosa


    79. Songstats

      Wow!! Just saw that this track was added to the editorial playlist 'Singled Out' with over 766K Followers on Spotify!

    80. Jackie

      G Eazy: HAHA I LIKE THAT 😍💗😘

    81. Steven Neal

      Love the 90s style cover

    82. ItsCam

      Y’all give Kiana her CREDITS!

    83. Pedro Fábio

      Down Tempo and Jazz & Beat, 👏👏👏😘

    84. Nelson Knowz

      Eazzzzzzy! 🔥

    85. Mufasa Natangwe

      This is good

    86. Ravi Nagrecha

      tikita-ta hit differently

    87. Vivi


    88. Mrvpk6

      This song gives me bonnie x clyde vibes!

    89. Kagura Mata

      G eazy u sexy lol

    90. ONE GAMES 1G

      Love from India ❤️

    91. robert stellenboom

      Ayo that beginning is from 50 cent “21 questions” 🔥😝 like if you agree

    92. Alex K

      This goes straight to the playlist

    93. Terence Wright


    94. Rhythmac Hussle

      Need video G easy

    95. BukaryJr

      Waiting on this alum deff

    96. Sudi Amin

      1:01 "I know that u've been tryna start your own makeup line " halsey's new makeup line about face ,😐🥺❤️

    97. KING IDR

      Perfect 🔥🔥🔥

    98. Levi Fehlauer

      Some original G...missed this style of flow from G

    99. P2Yproductions

      I love the vibes G is giving us these days. First Provide, now this one. Bless🙏

    100. Ranelle Duncan-Letts

      Wow this right here is dope!