G-Eazy - Lifestyles of the Rich & Hated (Audio) ft. Rick Ross

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    Published on 2 months ago


    1. C45 Xavitar

      This is a good song to relax too 👍



    3. Dieter oficial sau nu

      Why the overall low views?

    4. CezaMVO

      Where is this g eazy. I'm not that fan that wants him to go back to his old stuff, but his new stuff is all over the place, I understand experimenting but his latest album was terrible. Hope he gets it together.

    5. Alexandria Tiffany

      G-Eazy go in soo hard on this one right here, straight up BANGER! He aint like all them other lames out there who just be usin that *Authenticviews* website to go viral.. SMH seems like anyone can go viral these days..

    6. Storytelling by Noblesse


    7. S Z

      Love from Bangladesh.

    8. DropTop Mars

      I like this G

    9. Lionel Sarr

      "Life could be worse.... What can I do but enjoy the perkssss"

    10. In n Out

      Welcome back

    11. Σταματία Γκούντη

      Start with nothing but a DREAM 🙏💯

    12. Nancie Davis-Herrera Preza

      Run it. Thank you. Happy New year. NLDHP

    13. Khattabi Fadila

      You don't know what famous do with me

    14. Joe Kennedy

      Why can’t wealth and hedonism work in harmony as one? I love your music but can’t help but sense a hint that you’ve fell out love with the industry. Come back to the music and I guarantee your music will be more appreciated

    15. hockeyhurd

      The more I listen to this song, the more it sounds like "My Next Fix" in the next best generation

    16. MJ Collins

      G legit killin it with this new album. 💥🔥🔥🔥

    17. Justin Demuccio

      The background vocals always do it for me. 👌

    18. Lionel Sarr

      Coming back to this every single day

    19. Moses Mirza

      Let's gooo

    20. Sanjeev Shrivastava

      Oh god !!! Can't stop commenting every song so bold and cold killer G eazy style loving it and liking it

    21. Priyanka Kumar

      Back ground beat sound ❤️, G easy my favourite ❤️, back ground order beat sound ❤️, back ground beat 🎸🎹❤️, wording ❤️.

    22. Jazz Smith

      Ross got paid for this verse man smfh

    23. newblue

      Amazing fuckin beautiful track

    24. K D

      Being a native Californian I felt that when he said "California living, I'm overtaxed"

    25. JiveAt5

      These numbers 🤣😂🤣 2nd hand embarrassment is real

    26. Nicole Maher

      The young Gerald is back and never fails to impress and give us the best of the best 🥃❤️

    27. Shaun Vox


    28. Ehetesham Aazem

      Bass game in this is everything!!

    29. Andrea Risner

      "Like me and hip hop fell out of love" that reminds me of the movie Brown Sugar

    30. payten weeks

      Challenge 100 word song with 100 hip hop singers. 1 song. Each person only sings 1 word to go to the next Lyric to finish the song that would be so cool.........

    31. andrew davidson

      when its dark out best album

    32. Stephen B

      3 sheets in the wind drying out on bouche got that water spoutin out garden hose in the garden rows organic on my grow _ Li

    33. Ash Rosa

      Take a ride at night vibe...love it

    34. Edger Deuce

      The soulful, chilled type beats stay undefeated.... 🙌🏾 This is 🔥🔥

    35. NV

      This Ross verse is unreal

    36. Gerardo Cortez

      I love this vibe💯💯

    37. Марія Гаврилюк


    38. Justin Auger

      how can it be a throwaway from when it's dark out if he is saying rest in peace kobe at 2:23 ???

      1. Justin Auger

        @Devan Wilburn these ain’t old songs bro he just released the deluxe of the tbad and the original version of Love You Like I Do got released 2 years after The Beautiful And Damned!! Stop reaching boy you’re way off loll

      2. Devan Wilburn

        @Justin Auger this is literally an old song I don’t think you understand how music producing works. Just cause an artist doesn’t release music before another one doesn’t have anything to do with this track being old.

      3. Justin Auger

        @Devan Wilburn don't think so because the first song that goody grace ever released was from 27th of november 2015 so basically 9 days before WIDO's release. These 2 songs are surely not throwaways but they are still good

      4. Devan Wilburn

        It’s called adding lines in.

    39. Luna X

      fire 🔥

    40. TABI

      EeeeeeH! All you need is a click

    41. C Street

      I want all the love you fucking owe me

    42. Angie Jasso

      Fan since 2016. ❤ G Eazy Music and vibe. Keep them songs coming.

    43. Killagami

      check out my music

    44. ECS Southwest Gspot Productions LLC Danni Walker

      Member the 1st peek @ this in the Spring, @your I'm Real Session.. Dude you were sooo faded. Ya were KICKIN IT though. Could relate had a Drink @ on side & was Baked FORGOT??

    45. Connor Surrency

      I love when artists call back to there older songs like g sayin "now it's 1500 just for the jeans"

    46. Rishaun Dyal

      Old vibes dwag loving it 🔥🔥

    47. Laurie Mason

      What does that jacket say? I can't make out the top line?

      1. SeanY

        These Things

    48. Rodrigues Pro Mundo

      ''fire departament? yeah, its G' again...''

    49. Frances Ann Wade

      you have grown and mature with each song and it paints the picture of your life

    50. xboxh8er ps3ftw


    51. PSM Lifestyle

      Paparazzi g-ezy🤙

    52. ARYAN

      Yk life style of rich and hated❤️🔥

    53. DJCuruptedVEVO

      When does he lie? Like think you heard him say he has platinum songs that will never see the light of day!

    54. Riding With Corbz

      Anyone just want a no vocals version?/instrumental

    55. Alex C

      As if the album wasn’t good enough

    56. Jerry Michaud

      Michaud boy 23

    57. Michael Ingram

      Not really a fan of Rick Ross but fuck with G. though daaamn his verse is Dope! 👐🔥💯

    58. Hayder & Schneider


    59. Douaa e

      G is back bitches 🔥🔥🔥

    60. Ahsan Khan

      Everyone praising G-Easy when Rick Ross is the real underrated GOAT🔥.

      1. Explicit Reverberation

        Hes got those OG vibes. Absolute classic

      2. Jamie Brown

        facts.. Ross is so classic

    61. Diana R

      Spitting facts

    62. Yazz

      Damn son

    63. NAPSTER power is You

      First time listening Ross on this Slow BPM❤️❤️❤️

    64. Meshi Schindler

      here from the first 10K

    65. sus boy


    66. Lavin Aryan

      I loveeeeeeeeee you G

    67. 21 Savage

      Shoutout to BIG L

    68. Milad Kamranian

      Cant wait for TTH2 🤤



    70. Zoro

      G-Eazy releases an album a day before my 19th birthday, BEST FUCKING GIFT EVER!!

    71. D-GAR

      this fits in more with the B&D vibes

    72. Iamtrx

      Fire Fire 🔥

    73. Director Q

      Thought you might be juiced I finally made it - felt that

    74. Michael LittleCoyote

      Bout time he come back

    75. Christopher Hopkins

      If ur here ur a real one

    76. hockeyhurd

      No hate, but this song is for after hitting the "rich and famous" which came well after WIDO

    77. Kelly Jackson

      Luvvvv ya. Send blessings to ya!!¡

    78. Mayıs Elalem

      Boss shit

    79. Josimar Silva

      Drop Boss Tycoon!!

    80. Evgeni Piskov

      2020 ain't that bad after all

    81. Harold Pascal

      This songs a vibe

    82. Bryan Ryan

      Overrated? 😂 Nah G. You a legend.

    83. Deepanshu puri

      Biggest boss 🔥🔥🔥🥲

    84. Vasen

      Old g come back

    85. Ace

      Northeast India vibing on his song..🙏🙏🔥

    86. Andrew

      Is this a song he recently made or has been out but not on USfilm? Or just something that was in the vault?

    87. Clrful

      I NEED THAT JACKET! . . . . . . . . . . fire song tho.

    88. MLB KG4QN

      Cuenta la leyenda que si llegas a las 11 horas, G eazy te regalará un corazón

    89. Legend Luuk

      Eazy win 🔥

    90. Eddie Valderrama

      Imagine sleeping on Eazy sheesh

    91. Abby Depp


    92. Armando García

      Eazy season is coming...

    93. Joe Wymore


    94. TJthunder

      G ain’t ever left he been fly just in different ways in each album

    95. Trey Fenstermaker

      This one of the best songs you have ever made nooooo 🧢also I'm glad this came out now and not on TTH2. Opens up another slot for a banger.

    96. Robin Hood

      Saying this is fire would be an understatement.

    97. Mena LG


    98. Amy Andersen


      1. G-Easy Official

        how are you thanks for your support so far, I really appreciate feel free to message me on my private email geasyofficial12@gmail.com

    99. Luis Marroquin

      G-Eazy fire in the booth bro.