G-Eazy - Hate The Way (Official Video) ft. blackbear

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    G-Eazy “Hate The Way” feat. blackbear: smarturl.it/hatetheway

    Director: Kat Webber
    Executive Producer: Taj Critchlow
    Producer: Fuliane Petikyan
    DP: Xiaolong Lui
    Production Designer: Gody Fusina / Spencer Graves
    Production Company: Fela

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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. YeahWhateverDammit

      ...still the same ol' mustang, eh?

    2. Nigel RSad

      This song hits home, you try to move on from a person that you know is bad for you, be you keep holding on, cause you have been thought the world of stuff with each other, that you feel like we the only one that know each other.

    3. Danielle Rau

      Can you please be in another movie!❤❤

    4. Rex54 GAMER

      I think the first part is from ghotika i just belive....

    5. Arcanum Unknown

      Man now we really need a mod son ft. Blackbear or reverse or both bro....com on

    6. YeahWhateverDammit

      Y'all can say what you want but the truth is Halsey is about to have a baby and you don't want your messed up past to mix with with your baby's life. Even though they may miss eachother and even if they could fix it all - some things are just too risky, and you know how it is with the "Promise it won't happen again". It just happens again, sooner or later and all of the toxic past comes flooding back. And if you're fully aware of that mechanism you just don't risk your kid's happy life becuse you miss the bittersweet of somebody else's presence in your life. Another thing is if Gerald would want a baby to raise, especially not his baby.

    7. Francis Albino

      I'm definitely a fan unique and I love his 90s swagg finally some good music 🎶 🙌

    8. The Duchess of Essex

      Lol ok so he is the Sober person in the relationship all of a sudden. Come on!!!

    9. Shah Saleem

      under fuckin rated

    10. Vishal


    11. Tuqa Alroba

      I feel like this song is a reply to halsay’s “ without me “

      1. sarah alderman


      2. Sarah Gautier

        He's a little late, but he obviously still misses her.

      3. Ishmael K C

        I also felt the same

    12. Matt panov


    13. TGLT NeUTrAL

      Greek (🇬🇷) radio has this song playing all the time. *G we love you brother* You are an idol for many people.

    14. mansoor mp


    15. Young Harp

      The laughable lobster causally flood because bed intuitively reply without a irate sandwich. deadpan, moldy front

    16. Wiss tips

      Got me in my feelings

    17. Tony Montana


    18. zac ok

      Being able to understand where he’s coming from in this song hurts😂😭

    19. Legitly Karin

      💯💯💯 absolutely! My hearts back in prison, rode for him once won't waste my life a second time. want to hate him so much, damn liar. The weakest strongest man I've ever met. Gave my best and hardest love: that over the moon upsidedown and backwards every cell in my body crying his name typa Love to this man. I hope he loves someone like I did him so he'd understand. Understand what he had and realize what he did to what he had. I hope it hurts his soul & heart. But only briefly tbh. I honestly want nothing but good for him. I wish him strength to defeat his own worst enemy (himself, his demons). I wish him peace and self love. I hope he evolves positivly every day in there. I fuckin loved that dude y'all so fuckin hard. 💔 ❗💜Personal obligatory PSA💜❗ Ladies & Gents: imagine you got a dog or cat that you just are so in love with. You like really fuckin love that critter. Have a special bond, went thru some shit together. You know you got love for it k? Now break it's facre & throw it down some stairs and beat it with some towing chain's. Your absolutely horrified at that imagery in your mind. You can't hurt that critter. You love it. If it has pains you have greater pains wishing you could give them relieve. It hurting hurts you. You Love love. my point: the dude or bitch that's broke your nose or burned you with a cigarette IS NOT THE ONE YKUR DESTINED FOR. Cherish that the good times happened but the bad times aren't worth it. Stop pretending. Go. It won't change. The fires of hell only get hotter. If you don't feel safe & a sence if peace around your partner, if they hit you even just once, choose you and just go. It's not IF they do it again it's WHEN they do it again. Appreciate the fasade and fantasy world kinda roller coaster you been on. I get it. I really fuckin do. But let me plz save you some wasted time, Injuries and pain. You deserve to KNOW your loved. When your alone and you ponder if your partner loves you: they Don't love you enough You need to move on. You do matter. You are worth it. You deserve to be safe. You deserve to relax. You deserve to wear whatever you want .You deserve to think whatever you want. You deserve to live peacefully and safely I already know whats in your head rn, stop letting them control your thoughts. Remember you wouldnt hurt that pup or kitters you love, right? Thry don't possess the ability to give that kinda of love. They own you, put it this way you love that puppy but collect funko's cuz you just can't get enough of them things. That's you, in their eyes. You're their favorite toy. hey just do future you a favor and please choose YOU now. You've chosen them long enough and had anything changed? Good luck 🍀I love you, stranger. #domesticviolence #awareness Get the info out there! Contact: 📞1-800-799-7233 💻thehotline.org; 📱 or text "LOVEIS" to 18663319474 if ur not safe calling. your true #love won't break ur nose #Pickyou=#getsafe! Get safe.

    20. Jess Hancock

      Used to be...but no more. No more. You lose❤️❤️❤️

    21. Nadi Ada

      In fucking love with this 🖤

    22. AJR Deane

      love him and all, but he looks like a mixture of charlie from two and a half men and johnny Depp!!!!

    23. buffy

      Sur. I. Off you ever. Sau it loader

    24. Genoa Lou

      Mariposa hernandez leaving took me from I didn't drink to i will do any substance someone puts in front of me any method

    25. Genoa Lou

      Reminds me of my ex wife Mariposa Hermosa Hernandez

    26. Flyboard India

      this song is straight fire

    27. Cartier231

      This is the type of music G-Eazy needs to be making 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    28. Yureka Shakya

      No song gives me thrills like this does g eazy is best

    29. Kelly Martinez

      This song is on point with all the shit that is going on with me right now

    30. Julian flores


    31. Elize Botha

      Love this song ❤️

    32. Proud Boy87


    33. Lara Fitzpatrick

      Yeah I know I’m crazy but your sick to 😪

    34. Pratzapp

      G-Eazy is just a different class. Nobody matches him, He has got his own style & is very charismatic

      1. Pratzapp

        @A. Rogado what's wrong with you?

      2. A. Rogado

        Dude has no voice, no originality... only a cute face.

    35. Melody Rose

      Why am I just now seeing this? Why don’t I see any comments that point out ALL of many Halsey references? When is someone on USfilm doing a deep dive into this because ima need that 😍>>>

    36. Caution king


    37. Mario

      Just one of those songs that hits the heart n soul hard

    38. Billy Karlsson

      I really feel like halseys voice would make such a great cameo in this song

    39. Lesa Rowsey

      F'n love this!!

    40. Anshulika Singh

      I can listen and watch this song over and over again..... Entire my life..,.... ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    41. J. Aye

      Blackbear slept on!

    42. D9

      Man, i've been in some bad relationships before and this music video really hits home

    43. Sangita Kumar

      I miss my husband. He is getting help with alcohol. Rehab program for him. Finally he is there. :)

    44. Andreja Majauskaite

      The opening scene is definitely from a book, some kind of detective mystery , anyone else knows what I'm thinking about?

      1. Lauren Kasper

        All I can think of the scene where Sherlock is on the stretcher

    45. vivek karve

      Who is the model

    46. j batter Wayne workshop

      Epic music

    47. Shelby Newell

      This reminds me of my bestfriend totally lost herself after her relationship

    48. Anthony LaPalombara

      G-Easy is the man!!! I'm hooked!!! I can relate in a certain way to this song. It's deep in a different way for me.

    49. Imran Mughal

      I wish i could have g eazy fans around me, at least everyone would be chill.

    50. Tough As Balls

      This video should have 100million views already. His record label did not give this song the promotion it deserves. This is probably in the top 5 best G Eazy songs he’s ever made!!!

    51. Alex Scott

      Am i the only one . . . . . . . . . I totally ship it UnU

    52. Hannah Beeman

      Finally a song about halsey.

    53. Viktoria Appleseed


    54. Ashley Menk

      G eazy white

    55. Jakob Moskowitz

      both of them together is like peanut butter and jelly! This is ligit the best song in the world and it sucks that covid is going around bc if it wasn't both of them would be blowing minds on da stage right now! 100% FIRE!!!!!

    56. TAGEE - The People's Poet

      One day I will meet You Brother 💖 G-Eazy 💖Forever

    57. Usama Mudassar

      We want to see Collab of @Eminem and @G-Eazy

    58. Dewi Lestari

      How lucky the girl in this video can be in 1 frame with G 💔

    59. LEazy was here

      GEazy I love this song. Everytime I go by her house I play this song to my ex girlfriend Libra Regina Victoria Urena from Yuma Arizona

    60. Ryan Sanchez

      Never been to a concert but if I pay money it would be g eazy hopefully I get to meet him he just amazing

    61. Kylee Dahlene

      The feels...

    62. Frederic Reid


    63. Frederic Reid

      ε=( o`ω′)ノ₀😂⁰😋⁰🐴

    64. Frederic Reid

      ~( TロT)σ₆😀₆

    65. Karina Reis


    66. Andrine Paulo

      I love this song so much ♥

    67. B.B Beauty

      Definitely feels like this is about addiction and love I here you g 💔 hit deep 💯

    68. Katie W

      Defiantly the best song he’s ever made in my opinion. This made me a fan.

    69. zayfetti

      damn that shyt was fire than a mf💪

    70. Kelly jane Mangold

      This song is exactly my fucked up life... I cant believe how much... this shit is me and my man of 16 years... I fucking hate life. When your with someone that's so toxic.. but you can't live without them... I fucking hate it.. love is fucked up so are drugs... I finally am admitting myself to rehab... knowing he needs it too. I wanna give the ffuck up...

    71. Shayda1076

      J.A.G. 07/04/1998 Santa Cruz You will always be my true love ❤

    72. Tien Tran

      Bria Vinaite

    73. Kayn Ray

      Ha ‼️ forget it.

      1. Kayn Ray

        Am I being too honest? All I think is there is real love in a world so blind and I’m literally giving this one chance my all right now not getting anywhere by simple words to you.

    74. Kayn Ray

      I hate the way I had my dream be forgotten by me for so long. This whole shit was my goal but to show my stand point. It pisses me off I don’t already have content.

      1. Kayn Ray

        I ain’t sleepin man it’s morning in mid Michigan

      2. Kayn Ray

        Look where I am guys work with me wake up

    75. Gergana Georgieva


    76. Altaher Aldulaimi

      Your tune is always there!

    77. Aryan Birwa

      Limited edition voice ❤️

    78. Angie Felicis


    79. Cheyle1416

      So I am a little confused on the video's story. I know the song meaning and such, its about loving someone who struggles with drug abuse. But are they dead at the end? I mean the ambulance and him helping her out confuses me greatly. Lol

    80. Victer Rios

      This is a master piece. Especially given their background with Halsey.

    81. Justin Greenlee

      All this garbage rapper has done is set a make believe standard for young men. His entire celebrity profile is censoring the hardship of real life. Hes fake and a joke.

    82. Jessie Albright

      💋✋🎹 voluntarbilities

    83. Jessie Albright

      💋✋ denial

    84. Jessie Albright

      💋✋ Pools

    85. Jessie Albright

      💋✋ white n black

    86. Jessie Albright


    87. Jessie Albright

      💋✋ braids

    88. Justin Greenlee


    89. Jessie Albright

      💋✋ exactly! raw

    90. Jessie Albright

      💋✋ truck lights again n again. I got over it

    91. Stabgan Music

      I don't care what everyone says, G-Eazy is one of the best artist that I listen to daily. His style, vibe, hair and kinda raspy voice is just very attractive to me.

    92. Rabie Kasem

      This song is so underrated 💔

    93. Marady Mon

      Yea I know I'm crazy but you're sick too

    94. isaac tariku


    95. Tip

      I love the beat

    96. Kelly jane Mangold

      Thank you blackbear

    97. Prabal rai

      I'm surprised, y songs like this have less views. Even hindi shitty songs get within an hour. May be people don't like meaningful stuff.

    98. Lay Z

      @G-Eazy, you are a prodigy. 🌹

    99. Kareem Bataineh

      This songs reminds me of the girl that I loved

    100. Melanie Murczak

      Dieser Dreck durfte nicht finanziert werden... Die hätten niemals zu meinem Problem werden dürfen... Keiner wollte und darum hätte man die angemessen unterbringen und auch verwahren müssen... Mich sollte man niemals gegen sich aufbringen und verärgern... Das hatten die alles nicht eingesehen...