G-Eazy - Stan By Me (Audio)

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    Published on 9 months ago


    1. Anderson Paak

      Why Stan By Me and not Stand?

    2. Mandie Booth

      The song is about me ☺️

    3. P H E O

      Đầm sen water park from Vietnam!

    4. Spooky 666


    5. Sandra Gonzalez

      Nice one

    6. Kilacnl Jr

      Loving it

    7. Storytelling by Noblesse


    8. Ma7ias Music

      No entender el inglés, y solo decir oh oh oh xd Amo 🥰

    9. Donovan Newell

      Not just this song. But the whole album was somber, sincere and beautifully sad in a good way. I love it when Gerald sings, he's a different vibe 🎧

    10. kimcruz

      i really love this

    11. Khattabi Fadila

      See thé image something like Money drugs girls it's need cars

    12. Bekakal


    13. Rachael SandyShores

      Thank you Spotify for showing me this song!

    14. Jofe Marco Pacilan

      did he say It's not the ass i give a fuck about??? huh

    15. Stefani Dennis

      Has anyone ever drank a Mickey's beer and under the cap was like a puzzle that you has tp figure out? I feel like this ☝ could be a puzzle..

    16. unknown

      Pozdrawiam Mcfit kraków :D

    17. Safia Khatabi

      Halsey :i hope you dream about me G eazy : you're thé one i dream about

    18. Safia Khatabi

      Look at thé signs "you can't fill the hole inside of you with money drugs girls

    19. Darja Lepešová


    20. Rumple

      This song honestly deserves way more hype.

    21. Kylie Marie


    22. DANNY D

      G Eazy And Marshmello Always 🔥

    23. Egle Russo

      This song is AMAZING (like the whole album) and if it remains UNDERRATED (like the whole album) I’M GOING MAD

    24. evilbunny8

      yall really dont know the meaning behind that word smh

    25. Leanne K

      I saw geasy in Dublin and it was the best concert to I've been to so far 😜😈 let's do it again!!

    26. Whitemamba420

      When you can rap and sing and have so many different genres. Props to gerald 👆🏻👌🏻

      1. Ashutosh Porichha

        Yeah 👍👍

    27. E J Miller

      This project is so underrated, mad props on the versatility Gerald!👍🙏

    28. Marshmarllon

      Mello is legend 😍❣🔥

    29. aryan the goat


    30. Anthony Wagner

      Imagine a shake me down cover

    31. Aries. J.Chavez


      1. Anna Lopez

        Sexy picture :)

      2. Anna Lopez


    32. Theresa Bernardo

      Can't believe this song hasn't blown up yet. 🙊❤

    33. Sergiu Stoian

      What just 700k bro is my favorite song

    34. Jose Uribe

      This song is underrated

    35. Anthony Dunn

      Sounds like a simp to me hahaha jkjk

    36. Easy Pacer

      Dam this is gold

    37. Tucker Weber

      This is to accurate couse it sounds just like what is going on between me and my friend. Hmm.

    38. Andrew Romero

      U already know cold blooded champions only look towards what they want. 2 conquer

    39. Oscar Alho

      I just feel that G Eazy need to do a ft with Alex Turner

    40. Tucker Weber

      This song is so accurate....

    41. Mooshroomn


    42. Kristin T


    43. Cestra Beats

      diff vibe from him, this is clean!

    44. Lev Gorecki

      The writing is absolute shit, but it's so catchy

    45. kataa aa

      wait, someone can explain me how it is possible that this fricking amazing summerry song is so underrated ? it doesn’t have even 1 mil views !!! dont get u ppl:(

    46. Stahly

      I saw you Gerald back in 2016. I was wearing a green flannel and you were 3 feet away. I wanted to say hello, but my lips wouldn't open. Our eyes caught for a second ... I wonder if you ever see that second. Your poetry is very powerful, it sparked a desire in me ... a desire to be open ... never be 3 feet away from saying hello.

    47. María Carla Cabrera


    48. Ember Hill

      This song has something that I can't stop listening

    49. kid ScarJ

      This is one of them songs. I'm surprised it's not bigger

    50. Grievous

      This is such a banger shout out Gerald for stepping out of his comfort zone most artists wouldn't even do.

    51. Shelby Duplesis

      This is my daughter's favorite song. Shes just over a year old but she loves herself some young gerald.

    52. GG UrNothingKid

      This is just too good someone give this man a pat on the back

    53. Ryan T.A

      song genre? i want music with tones like.this.one

    54. Feebyy williams

      Ngl not a big fan of most of the new stuff, but this is honestly one of the best songs he's written in a while.

    55. Joey Russo

      This is incredible 💯🔥

    56. Stevie Aleck

      Quaratine couldn't put his fire out. Dropping his music like skittles. 🔥💯 🎶🎶 his album is my all day vibes 🎶🎶

    57. Leon


    58. ironshark969

      This shit is so bad

    59. BBOGZ

      safe to say this is not for me. also shoutout Adblock

    60. Mello Music


    61. Theresa Bernardo

      This song feels like popping a bottle of champagne man...

    62. Nino Massaro

      People wake up this song is horrible

    63. Castro The Prince

      God this song sucks but this dude's fans is gunna say it's good like every fan base of a celebrity. That's why I would never want to be a celebrity. Last thing I want is kiss ass fans to tell me everything I do is great.

    64. Dou Di

      Lovely ❤️

    65. Random Idiot

      Your songs are helping me out insanely thx so much man ☺️🙏

    66. İrem S

      This whole album is about Yasmin Wijnaldium... Except “had enough”, it is about Halsey 🌝.

    67. Loyality UNTD

      and now you can imagine this song on the series of lucifer's 5 season

    68. Parikshit KISTO

      I got this summer vibes

    69. # Keepy

      dope shit

    70. Bessie

      Gerald said fuck your quarantine, you’re having a hot girl summer

    71. Ahmad Dadzai

      Thank you so much! 🙏 The project is outstanding. You are a part of my life!

    72. Noah Durnford


    73. Armani K

      🔥🔥new genre, new Gerald.

    74. Vazc Vaz

      Is he saying “fuck her” to who?🤔..............cara?!!!!!!😳

    75. 60_Tushar Sachdeva

      Me at 3am:- OHOHOHOHOH

    76. Nermin Sejdinovic

      i love these new songs!! keep it up man, shit is lit🔥🔥🔥

    77. Mandie Booth


    78. Jeepet A

      Put on 1.75x haha

    79. Queen Javaun

      Ok but this is lowkey fire🔥🔥🔥

    80. Divya


    81. The Great RB Ent

      Sounds like G eazy going back to his old type of sound

    82. Akash Sandhu

      This is amazing 😍😍🙌🙌

    83. kaletaff


    84. Allanonymous963

      I figured he was taking acid

    85. Janci Schell

      This is SICKkkkk 👏

    86. Janci Schell


    87. Tyro Cyr

      Nice 🤙🏼

    88. Flammen Citronen

      i'm going listen to I mean it

    89. Casey Kunesh

      Might just have to come to a live show again for this vibe bro

    90. Casey Kunesh

      Drip drip🤓

    91. Casey Kunesh


    92. Paradise

      I AINT MAD 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    93. Resul Koçak


    94. Resul Koçak

      oh my gosh you slayed it!! Gerald you the one male singer that I lovee deeply.rapper singer songwriter and more.. congrats💛💙💚❤🧡💜

    95. Resul Koçak


    96. Jonathan Campos

      “She got an attitude and she’s so sarcastic”

    97. Tucker Weber

      I love this song sm. Love u g

    98. Jenosyde

      sorry love G but this aint hip hop

    99. Mr. X

      COVID-19 has done it’s job, Maybe it is time for it to leave🤔

    100. Steve Enyeart