G-Eazy - Boss Tycoon (Audio) ft. Kossisko, Slimmy B

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    Published on 2 months ago


    1. Sava Nebitno04

      no hate but i want a version without slimmy b

    2. Rossy Gonzalez

      That's Daddy 😈❤💋💋

    3. Lilo Lady Bikinis

      This is INSPIRATION! Getting my babes ready for my bikini runway show and no doubt. This song will be our motivation...”Phawk what it cost...I’m the boss..tycoon”,,l

    4. आदित्य गौड़

      Eagerly waiting for the video to come.

    5. Shanaya Abubacar

      This hard afff🔥

    6. Cleide Duarte Duarte

      Massa tuas Música e tu é lindo.

      1. Gerald Earl Gillum

        Thank you for your love and prayers and support Kindly leave a mail Geraldearlguillum55@gmail.com

    7. D Jones

      RIP MAC D.R.E.

    8. Jumi Nabam

      Came here cause KOSSISKO!

    9. bensaci abderraouf

      it's straight business

    10. Marcelo Bueno


    11. Marcelo Bueno


    12. slim fatty

      This man is on point.🔥🔥

    13. Jonathan Pauley

      Mean beat. But trying to hard. 😏

    14. Jacob Talent Scout


    15. Donavin Meeko

      fresno checking in G Eazy !!!

    16. Rajat Khotele

      And now waiting for Favourite Position!

    17. C45 Xavitar

      Pretty cool that he’s bringing new songs to older albums

    18. Pendukeni Nehemia

      Dante Nero with the intro, true pimp staff.

    19. maxgeneralenbuurt

      Great song! Yukmouth for life

    20. kamoney bunny

      I floss fuck what it cost get it

    21. darryl lao

      This year is Halsey's year.

    22. Its Stribe

      1.25 speed fire!

    23. Such a Whore

      G 💋❤🔥

    24. Marinos Ioannou


    25. Vanessa Braz


      1. G easy

        @Vanessa Braz I’m not permitted here , you got my Mail , Send Mails okay

      2. Vanessa Braz

        @G easy thank😂😍😱😋👅💋❤

      3. G easy

        Thanks for your love and support ok Leave a Mail; geasy3136@gmail.com

    26. Fran TH

      A alguien más le pone esta música,?venga que solo hay comentarios en inglés siendo nosotros los españoles los más co..nudos de Europa

    27. Impakt Films

      Paying homage to Mac Dre (T.I.P) "Boss Tycoon" also has excerpts from Dre in the intro and outro 💪🙏

    28. munchisdead

      slimmy go hard tho frfr

    29. munchisdead

      g eazy really fell off mainstream

    30. Andrea Hawkins


    31. falin


    32. 21. Hlompho

      VIDEO PLEASE🙏🙏🙏🙏

    33. Dragon Z

      For all you YOUNGSTERS... the sample is “Mark Morrison Return of The Mack”,, ur welcome 😉

      1. D Jones

        It's mac dre

    34. Elle Tee


    35. blitch


    36. Akshay Pawar

      Explosive 🔥🔥🔥🇮🇳

    37. Julia Summer

      i want another song like tumblr girls😐 but this is ok ig🙄☝️

    38. Alexandria Tiffany

      G-Eazy go in soo hard on this right here, straight up BANGER! He aint like all them other lames who just be usin that *Authenticviews* website to go viral.. SMH seems like anyone can go viral these days..

    39. Ulises Castillo Ravali

      Your welcomed geazy....

    40. Ulises Castillo Ravali


    41. Steven Jones

      Shout out to Mac Dre boss tycoon cover 🔥

    42. Thecreator54

      Ohhhhhhhhh shit did 100s (kossisko) just make a return ??????? 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

    43. Carlos Jimenez

      slimmy b really wanted to ruin the song 💀

    44. D Flo

      Ya' know if he says something he means it... These things happen....

      1. Julia Summer

        OMG TRU

    45. Christine Berkley

      This is exactly why I listen.Helps me to grind and hustle.I listen to The plan everytime I need that motivation mind set so when I'm at work .Im making more than everyone else.Im a server and a bartender and I hustle hard in the grind.Thank you G for your music.

    46. TheGreenJay17

      Not sure how to feel about this

    47. Nam Béo Gaming

      Hình như tui có nghe nhắc Thái Công ??? I,m a boss thai thai thaicong ???

    48. jungkookssi


    49. reemi90


    50. KenH0rn

      G eazy a discrace to Oakland! Fuckn joke

    51. Laura White

      Team Aaliyah

    52. Abolfazl Ramazani

      Please make a music video for this song g-eazy I'm From iran✌️

    53. Dream Swimmer

      U getting twistingly darker day by day. Save yourself from getting more Gerald.saving the ego won't help us at all

    54. Storytelling by Noblesse


    55. J.Hurs

      a gerry bop

    56. Chris Reed


    57. Angel Verdoza

      Eazy still dropping that 🔥 💯!

    58. nico

      donde esta tyga ?

    59. Mafia Club

      "Everywhere they know who we are" JUST AMAZING 💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    60. The RA

      If you're reading this, you can read.

    61. stella lexus

      This song is so f*ckin' underrated

    62. Soumya's Kitchen

      Nice video my Friend

    63. Khan Janiu

      Remake of mac dre but Masterpiece

    64. Isaac Grisham


    65. Ka Joni TV

      Good job 👍

    66. Robert Robert

      Thizz in peace tha furly ghost

    67. فرج الحدادي

      فرج الحداد😜

    68. Viktor GGG

      Качает, зачётный трек👍

    69. Riley Naehu

      "Super high I'm off to the moon"

    70. G-RED prod.


    71. Tessa Tipton

      I've always looked forward to seeing what you put out next....never a bore.

    72. Tessa Tipton

      Dude....not cool

    73. Sanket Naik

      killer as always

    74. Danielle Pfeifer

      Why no shoutout to Mac Dre anywhere though?!

    75. Gaziza Duysenn


    76. Gabriel Pedrosa

      This song is fire 📀

    77. Aaryan Parfect

      So very very beautiful voice ricoding nice I love this song g

    78. MrtBEATS


    79. DNyYL _

      Fireeee 🔥🔥🔥

    80. angela arango

      I’ll take Mac Dre’s original - all day everyday over this

      1. Christopher Sumdum Jr

        Respect the homage.

    81. DenverCoetzee1

      Still the best

    82. Ayush Anand


    83. Phorn Pharath

      Dope AF

    84. social service


    85. uzeir mustafa

      Upload provide ft Chris Brown pls

    86. David Buford

      I like how you rhyme not usally used words that's not easy but you did a great job

    87. 윤성민

      I played this in my car and I got 10 tickets for speeding

    88. Goofy Vortex

      Hello mr. Irrelevant

    89. Matt Takahashi

      Damn! 🔥

    90. insta Stories

      Good Geazy ♥

    91. Killakikishi



      I just came here from that girl who sang without me...

    93. stiv yahya

      hhhh nice men

    94. meryem filiz

      sorry but where tf is E-40?

    95. Creully Aleistair

      Anthony Russel

    96. Mrtoker Archvile

      ITS ABOUT TIME YOU BECOMEE HARD BRO!!!!!THIS IS AMAZING BRO KEEP IT UP BRO (G=eAzY)!!!!come on broo hope u see this bro...like the game destiny u d deserve to be a bigger 🤩bro my hope go to u bro

    97. J Brand

    98. DANNY D

      G Eazy With Slimmy B And Kossisko Always 🔥

    99. Robyn Verma

      Hats off homie

    100. Zuri Cruz

      This is the most disgusting garbage music I’ve ever listened to. You act as if woman are things you play with instead of sports. What happened to music these days? who ever listens to this and likes it is worst than the scum bag who wrote these lyrics. Peace y’all ✌🏼

      1. Johtic

        zuri cruz 🤡