G-Eazy - Down (Official Video) ft. Mulatto

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    G-Eazy’s “Down” feat. Mulatto out now! smarturl.it/xDown

    With Special Appearances by: Rob Schneider, Flo Milli, Jordyn Woods and Saucy Santana

    Check out more G-Eazy official videos: bit.ly/2b1rjqy

    Production Company: Reel Goats
    Director: Mike Marasco
    Creative Director: Kasandra Baruch
    Executive Producer: James Rico
    Producer: Spicy Rico
    PM: Shaq Gonzoe
    Production Coordinator: Elizabeth Gomez
    Label: RCA Records
    Management: The Revels Group, Matt Bauerschmidt, Jamil Davis
    Ad: Jacob Russell
    2nd AD: Amber
    DP: Joshua Hill
    1st AC: Celeste Barbosa
    Gaffer: Daniel Kagle
    BBE: Zach Perez
    Electric: Benjamin Perez
    Key Grip: Stu Brumbaugh
    BBG: Cory Anderson
    Dolly Grip: Anthony Sandelena
    Driver Grip: Daymon Scott
    Grip: Jeff Barnes
    DIT/Color: Daniel Woiwode
    Sound Mixer: Max Loskoutnikov
    Wardrobe: Anastasia Walker
    Wardrobe Assistant: Nicole Azer
    G-Eazy Grooming: Kata Baron
    Make-up: Sasha Glasser
    Hair: Alex Thao
    Hair Assistant: Naomi
    Casting Director: April Rivera
    Editor: Taylor Ross

    Production Designer: Dylan Bocanegra
    Art Director: Evan Welch
    Art Coordinator: Sarah Witt
    Art Dept PA: Magdiel Carrenza
    Prop master: Mat Walker

    Covid Officer: Marshall
    Location Manager: Poleng Hong

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    Published on 6 months ago


    1. YeahWhateverDammit

      I don't know 'bout y'all but I'm here for them pom-poms at the end (3:27)

    2. littlebittywonderland

      "Can't be out here giving our my pussy cause you mad" Now why my shit doing the Lambada😭

    3. Neveah Heavenlee

      I'm a g. Can't give it up 2 eazy

      1. Neveah Heavenlee


    4. aftiel gd

      3:00 REPTİLİAN HAND..

    5. Eazy Aslı

      Soo good song 😍🎶❤️

    6. Eazy Aslı

      Çok güzel bir şarkı 😍😍 niye tutulmadı anlamıyorum 💗💗

    7. Lala Lazerus

      Cardi-up G-eazy down

    8. tapera mukoko

      She sounds like saweetie

    9. Randall Cooper

      This song is da shit!!!!

    10. D Bryant

      Was that Flo Mili in the lavender dress at the end ??

    11. D9

      Great bars, awful hook

    12. Beth Lamb

      $20 💵 😂😂😂

    13. Beth Lamb


    14. George Lang

      You can do it!

    15. swaggergamer boy

      2:06 she ain’t come to play

    16. Samantha Prete

      G Eazy is everything....😍

      1. Gerald Earl Gillum

        Much love from me to you dear Thanks a lot for your love and kindness Please kindly leave a mail Geraldearlguillum55@gmail.com

    17. Small Space Keeping '

      I feel like this is part of a visual album for UP by Cardi B...

    18. Weddinggirl

      Dare y'all to listen to this without wall twerking.

    19. Queen Mia

      Cardi B: Up G-Eazy: Down

    20. Rihab Bklt

      Imagine Kylie Jenner's girlfriend in the song i mean jordan woods

    21. Clarice Czarnecki

      its a bop but its do make me insecure 😭😭

    22. Anshulika Singh

      That's is sooooo coooool..... really catchy chorus..

    23. daverdal1


    24. Melinda Davids

      You tellin girls to be loyal. Honey, you need to start being loyal first. Still love you tho.

      1. Gerald Earl Gillum

        And I’m loyal to you as always Thanks for your love and support Kindly do well to leave a mail Geraldearlguillum55@gmail.com

    25. Sedat Daham


    26. Syed Shafin

      Cedric is that you?

    27. Baebay Brown


    28. Kasandra Brieler

      Hell ya, truth! You Gotta Hold It, Down Down Down Down

    29. London Carris

      need a chico

    30. Sergio Sergio

      2:22 min q me coma esa piraña!!!,😂

    31. CT

      ok 🥺🤟🏾 !

      1. Gerald Earl Gillum

        Hello !! How are you ?? Thanks for your love and kindness Kindly leave a mail Geraldearlguillum55@gmail.com

    32. Frederic Reid


    33. Alcohollica25

      Im a custodian at a gas station and this is my go to towel folding song

    34. unu altu


    35. danielle abate

      She is better on other people's songs than her own

    36. Jon Gaston

      If it’s up then it’s up

    37. MrUnkown

      This song would be nothig without latto.

    38. Zachary Mitchell

      Wtf are you down for? Fighting? Was worth an ask that’s all

    39. Zachary Mitchell

      Go. Yo. Wha ya real money sayin

    40. Leannette Holmes

      Honestly...not my favorite video...it is nice to see the funny side of G-Eazy tho!

    41. Weicheng Lin


    42. Alcohollica25

      Rob being in the video is awesome

    43. Lovely Leaah

      Im surprised no one noticed this sorta like the movie deuce bigalow 😂

    44. Mellow Vybz868

      2 of the hardest rappers

    45. Habeeb Kolawole

      Why is no one talking about this video reference to Grand Budapest Hotel. Wes Anderson. I've seen G Eazy geek about film but now I believe

    46. prakash tilokani


    47. Shonda Stillings

      im DOWN😜💯💯💯

    48. Chevy Chase

      Yo big latto having dat moment lol

    49. Alex Solano

      She blowing up

    50. Aditya Bansal

      The Grand Budapest hotel in the rap world

    51. Shakk Room

      She REALLY looks like Blac chyna 🤯😳😳

    52. Jamie Dylan de Jong

      5000 on uk1

    53. Neveah Heavenlee

      If you gunna be my Witch then you gotta hold It 💯 even When YOURE MaD. ♡ especially when You do meet the Good 1 z. Stay True. It'll be worth it when you meet The man who's Truely good to you

    54. Neveah Heavenlee

      8 mil woot also for quarantine

    55. Laura Laura

      Can I get down? G EAZY?? I LOVE This MAN

      1. Gerald Earl Gillum

        Well thanks for your love and kindness Kindly do well to leave a message Geraldearlguillum55@gmail.com

    56. Mad Dee

      Curfew by Token is way better. But still, power to g-eazy for making bank off junk renditions.

    57. blueinu26

      love a chick pimp for a change. a lot hotter gigolo

    58. L Bo

      I really like this song but the hook I cant really get with... down down down down down.. sounds like a cat saying meow.

    59. nathan ramirez

      I got excited when I seen santana doing his thang with them eagles claws!!!!!

    60. Liseth Marulanda Brand

      Jajajs buen video

    61. Jumarcus Garrett

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    62. Sandra Gonzalez

      U must be good bed

    63. Sandra Gonzalez

      Still look good 👍

    64. Joyce Stinehelfer

      This beat is nasty lol

    65. Mohamed belk Belkacem

      This is 💥💥🕶

    66. NecroVoid

      yo this is fuckign great

    67. Bready

      2:20 briish people

    68. Destiny Williams

      This video is actually kinda coo

    69. Storytelling by Noblesse


    70. Alana Amundsen

      This is brilliant.. Music video a take on the Deuce Bigalow movie 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    71. Brian Nowdesha

      The fact that this is what my son and his friends are listening to really makes me worried for the future of this country I think we're going down down down down down down down

    72. Tay Gen

      Rob Schneider!!!! Didn't know it was him until he spoke lol OG Gigalo

    73. Britney Spears

      G easy lyrics r so weak and corny..latto is 🔥

    74. beneath.the.roses Lucid Dream Journal

      That's not how you floss.

    75. Savage Stinson

      came here from ma boy ol death @Lockdown23and1

    76. Michael Lepka

      Lol.funny vid😬😬😬


      its flo milli fm!! ♥️♥️

    78. Frederic Reid


    79. An Insomniac


    80. — 火炎.

      pensar q si él se ve chiquito y mide 1,83 , lo q mide la persona de su lado

      1. Romero Delgado Melanie Paola

        Jajaja y si

    81. Bradlexion


    82. worrax

      3:34 ахахха нихуя себе жигало Rob Schneider

    83. AshleyVlogs

      Wypipo mad cuz g eazy switched up his music flow after him and halsey broke up...

    84. Eazy Aslı


    85. Uğur Arslantürk

      "3:00" :D

    86. vanessa barahona

      Why they didn't have blue face on it...

    87. Batmanx 99

      I thought it was cardi b

    88. thiago busto

      Soy argentino y me gustó este temaso aunque no se que digan

    89. Amarjeet Singh


    90. Lisa BabyG

      This video is hilarious 🤣 if you've ever seen that movie, you get it

    91. lilpeepshow x

      This women baddER than cardi b Change my mind

    92. Simeon Beckford-Tongs

      This music video was really interesting. Less misogynistic. Reversal of roles.

    93. Loubna QOTB

      I'm addicted to this song. I spent the weekend listening to it....Monday morning at the office I was in such a mooooood 😂 the song wouldn't leave my brain. For every question I was asked about, in my head it was....down down down 😂😂😂

    94. Chantal Miranda

      G Eazy singing bout holding it down, down, down... Meanwhile he hurt Halsey. I'll never understand

    95. A Ashley Ain Long

      Wow what a salute to.that classic movie Duece Bigalow male jigalo and have the.actor there in the video. G HAS some real clout. This will give latto cross media exposure.

    96. MrtBEATS


    97. Angela Samson


    98. Sarah King

      Goose bumps

    99. usmc raid

      Lol 😂

    100. شقاوة بنات

      'iidha tashtarikun biqanati walilah ashtarak biqanaatikum walilah bs ahkuli tama